Butterflies & Beetles
LUCANIDS (Stag Beetles)

Odontolabis lacordairei Allotopus rosenbergi Cyclommatus pulchellus

CETONIDS (Flower Beetles)

Polyphylla decemilineata Mecynorrhina oberthuri decorata Torynorrhina flammea Red Form Torynorrhina flammea Blue Form


Eupholis bennitti Eupholis bennitti Eupholis bennitti Vanapa oberthuri

BUPRESTIDS (Jewel Beetles)

Chysochroa ephipplgera Lycoreus alluaudi


Scarabaeus gangeticus

RUTELINIDS (Shining Leaf Beetles)

Chrysina gloriosa Chrysina beyeri Chrysina spectabilis Chrysina batesi Chrysina quetzalcoatli

Additional Insects

Mouhoutia planipennis Megasoma elephas Sp.

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